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Here’s what you need to know about me…

  1. I’m extremely passionate about helping others. I’ve faced a few traumatic events over the years as I’m sure almost all of us have. But I’ve come to learn that when life throws your curve balls, you can create the best version of yourself if you keep swinging.
  1. I will never stop sharing my knowledge when it comes to anger management. When I got started in 2011, I felt like I had imposter syndrome. I graduated with a degree in Business Marketing. I thought I didn’t have the knowledge or the resources to teach people how to control their anger, and become the best version of themselves. So now everything I’ve learned, I share with you. You won’t have to do it alone!
  1. My kids are my world. Yes, I’m that dad that has a million photo’s and videos of my kiddos in his phone. I don’t see anything wrong with that! They are my backup singers on road trips, dance partners, and #1 food critics. Honestly, just trust me, you’ll love my kiddo’s too.


My life hasn’t always been smooth sailing,

  • Graduated Highschool, (Yes, I AM GenX)
  • Went to College….Got a Tatoo
  • Wanted to major in Business, but my dad wanted a doctor in the family
  • Moved to Northern Louisiana
  • Pledged My Fraternity, (Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity Inc.)
  • Built up the courage to tell my dad, I didn’t want to be a doctor
  • Changed my major to Business Marketing
  • Spent about three weeks afraid to tell him about my decision
  • Started my first job, working at Shoney’s restaurant
  • Moved into my first apartment
  • Met the love of my life, that eventually became my wife
  • Graduated from college 
  • September 11th rocked the world
  • Job crisis everywhere
  • Lost contact with Makia

Fast Forward

  • 4 yrs. Later, saw Makia in the mall
  • We started dating
  • We moved in together without our parents knowing
  • A few months later, they found out….(not too happy of course)

Fast Forward Again !!!

  • My Dad Passes Away (December 18th)
  • I am in a Depression for months
  • Angry with God
  • I quit my job in the Financial Industry
  • I got certified to teach Anger Management
  • I proposed, and we got married
  • Moved into our first Home
  • We tried to have kids, but it was a struggle
  • We had three miscarriages one right after the other
  • Constant disappointment and depression set in
  • Decided to become Vegans
  • After 2 years of being Vegan, WE ARE PREGNANT!!!!
  • We have our Miracle baby, Sydney E. Williams
  • Super proud Daddy!!!
  • Makia goes through Post Pardam Depression
  • The doctor says, we have a small window if we want baby number 2
  • Makia announces that we have baby number 2 on the way!!!
  • We have our 2nd Miracle baby, Ricky C. Williams II
  • Super proud Daddy Again!!!
  • Makia goes through Post Pardum Depression Again
  • Makia complains of Stomach Aches and Acid Reflux
  • Concerned we go to the Doctor
  • The doctor performed surgery on Gall Bladder
  • The doctor found lesion on liver
  • October 22, 2018 Doctor told us Makia has stage 4 Cancer with 5 months to live
  • March 7, 2019 Makia passes away
  • Mad at God AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Can’t Breathe, But Can’t Stop MY BABIES NEED ME!
  • Attended Unleash The Power Within (Tony Robbins)
  • The World Stops
  • Raising a 2 and 4 yr. old on my own
  • Being and Single Dad/Widower is tough
  • Home schooled the kids
  • Healing from late wife’s death
  • The world opens back up (Fully)
  • Kids go back to school
  • Back to doing what I Love….Teaching Anger Management


What’s your sign?

I’m a Gemini!

Rising – Gemini

Moon – Scorpio

How old are you?

48 years young baby!

Was it hard to raise 2 babies on your own without your wife and family?

Yes it was, but I had to remember that God doesn’t make mistakes. Secondly, I was so focused on being angry with God for taking my wife that I had to remember that there was a bigger purpose for me. I had to wrestle many nights with my anger. Over time I had to be grateful for the Purpose I had of being a dad, and that certainly helped me become happier.

How old are Sydney and Ricky II?

8 and 10

Do you offer coaching?

Yes I do!

How did you get started with Anger Managment?

After my dad passed, I was angry with God and had no direction. I always listened to my dad, and he always stated, “You have one day of emotions, but after you have to plan.” So, I had my cry and a few days later my Fraternity brother invited my wife and I to dinner. His wife worked at the D.A.’s office as an attorney and she stated that the county needed more men to teach court ordered anger management. I asked what were the qualifications, and I met them. I just needed to get certified to teach it. Her sorority sister has her PhD. and gave a good word to the director at the time, and the rest was history.